The Importance of Corrosion Resistance Locknuts

  According to G2MT Laboratories in 2016 alone, “corrosion will cost the US economy over 1.1 trillion dollars,” and that’s without measuring the damage it can do to a company’s reputation. No matter the industry, accidents and mishaps related to metal corrosion of equipment and materials is a substantial risk. Fortunately, technological advances have led to the creation of chemical compounds and ...Read More

Choosing a Non-Standard Locknut

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Nylon Insert or All Metal?

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Understanding Different Locknuts

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Create dependable assemblies with our FREE e-book

  Discover What You Need to Know About Locknuts Choosing the right locknut is no small task. You have to wade through specification after specification, looking for the locknuts that best suit your purpose. But what if there is an easier way? In our newest e-book, Aztech experts act as your guide through the complicated world of fasteners. We’ll give you a quick class on the basics of what you ...Read More

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Flange Hex Locknuts vs. Hex Locknuts – Benefits of the Flange

In the vast majority of threaded fastener applications, there are valid reasons for opting for nuts or locknuts with flanges instead of using the “un-flanged” nut with a washer.  If the application calls for a deflected-thread all-metal locknut, there are additional reasons.  This blog entry will identify those reasons and provide supporting arguments....Read More

Torque-Tension Repeatability of Prevailing Torque Locknuts

For prevailing torque locknut applications where assembly and in-service performance are critical, it becomes appropriate to enhance the requirements and qualification tests of the locknut, beyond what may be called for in a consensus locknut standard.  One common requirement enhancement is Torque-Tension Repeatability.  Though the concept of this performance metric is easy to understand, ...Read More

Prevailing Torque Locknuts - What Zinc Flake Coatings Do to Prevailing Torque

Since RoHS became effective in the European Union in 2006, there has been a global push to eliminate Cadmium (among other substances) from use in fasteners.  Cadmium plating provides a level of lubricity that helps prevent galling in all-metal locknuts, and contributes to a more consistent torque tension characteristic in threaded assemblies....Read More

Prevailing Torque Locknuts - Nylon Insert Locknuts

Nylon Insert locknuts are very popular, attributable to the following characteristics: in popular sizes they are relatively inexpensive and easy to find starting the assembly is easy as the threads are standard until the nylon ring is encountered prevailing torque is consistent and usually low within the tolerance band there is no risk of galling or seizure during assembly...Read More

Prevailing Torque Locknuts - When They Don't Work, What Happened?

You can't be in the locknut business very long without encountering someone having problems with locknuts in their applications.  When a locknut manufacturer's registered quality system includes rigorous quality controls, their parts pass the qualification tests, and there are still problems on the customer's assembly line, what happened? The short answer is that sometimes there are ...Read More
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Michael Kaindl

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